I’m Not that Mom

Cute emails filled with adorable stories and pictures of our family filled activities inspired by a lesson at school. Scholastic book orders turned in on time…or at all. Crafty snacks and sandwiches. Or even meals planned ahead. Sneaking in to my boys’ bedrooms to watch them sleep. Not one sippy cup or refillable bottle out …

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Mama, Take the Win

If you are a parent, you know first hand that parenting during a global pandemic has been tough. Maybe you are a single parent, a solo parent, co parent, traditional parent with a spouse, parent in a blended family or a special needs parent…or any combination of these. I’m exhausted, aren’t you? Schools closing, daycares …

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The Magic of Time

Isn’t it funny how a similar situation years from then can be so different? That is the magic of time. How things change. And your perspective can too. Tonight, we returned from Tractor Supply, racing against time before the sun went down as we had promised the boys they could play in the snow when …

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