Dear Mama

Dear Mama,

I see you.

I see you are tired, exhausted, and worn down. I see the burden you carry on your shoulders. I see the weight of those precious children’s futures you carry. I see your heart on your sleeve.

I see the minutes, hours, days, months, and years you pour your soul into for that sweet child or those children.

I see you as the weeks, months, and years fly by yet the hours in the day drag on. I see you moving slower by the end of the day praying that tonight will be the night you won’t have to fight the good fight just for them to go to sleep.

I see the dedication you have to learn more and be better for them. I see you read the books, blogs, and articles about whatever phase you are wading through at this time.

I see the stones you’ve turned working with psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, teachers, school counselors, and specialists to provide everything your child needs. Meeting the needs of your whole child.

I see you when you feel bruised and beaten by the alphabet: ADHD, ODD, PTSD, IEPs, OT/PT, you name it. And all the other labels that may come: sensory processing disorder, mood disorder, autism, delay, delay, delay.

I see you as you dispense medicines like a skilled pharmacist each day with such precision, monitoring side effects, noting changes, and communicating all this back to the doctor.

I see you celebrate the days you handle that meltdown like a magician and manage the escalation like a pro. I see you when you’re tired and that meltdown starts an avalanche of your own emotions. I see you when you shame yourself after because you weren’t the calm in the storm you’d hope to be.

I see you struggle to balance your self care and caring for those beautiful souls that depend on you. You know they need you to be your best self and that requires you to take care of yourself whether that be meditation, yoga, working out, reading a good book, or just hiding in the closet for 20 minutes alone to eat chocolate without your children peddling for some. I see how hard it can be to find that balance. And I see how you feel guilty for taking care of yourself especially when that meltdown happens when you are tending to yourself.

I see you mama. And you are AMAZING! And you are the BEST one for those precious ones. And it’s okay to be tired, worn down, make mistakes, start and stop new strategies, and to be imperfect. Listen to that one again. It is okay to be imperfect.

I am right there with you. And other mamas are too. You are not alone.

Take a deep breath. Celebrate the tiniest success you can today. Take care of yourself. You got this.

With love,