Signs of Mom

My mom was an artist. A very talented artist. She could draw landscapes and portraits with pastels that were absolutely breathtaking. I remember growing up with her artwork around us. She would have an easel displaying her most recent project. Art boxes would be laying open, with an endless spectrum of colored pastels. She would …

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Say I’m Sorry

I’m sorry. When is the last time you heard that? When is the last time you said it?  I over apologize. I say sorry when I know full and well I couldn’t possibly be responsible for whatever it is I’m apologizing for. I say it when I’m anxious. I say it when I’m not sure …

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I’m Not that Mom

Cute emails filled with adorable stories and pictures of our family filled activities inspired by a lesson at school. Scholastic book orders turned in on time…or at all. Crafty snacks and sandwiches. Or even meals planned ahead. Sneaking in to my boys’ bedrooms to watch them sleep. Not one sippy cup or refillable bottle out …

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